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Creating a budget 101: determine your income

Money rule #1: don’t spend more money than income you take in!

Spending more than you make is a sure fire way to get covered by debt and weighed down by more bills than you already have. Knowing this fact and living by this fact are two different things. It’s easy to say you know this rule to be true and totally another thing to be disciplined enough to make the necessary choices to live within your means. But there is hope – even if you aren’t currently living within your income limit you CAN make changes to ensure that you are moving forward. How you ask? Simple, make a budget.

Now, when you stop laughing and rolling your eyes at me, hear me out...

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Creating a Budget 101: gathering your expenses

Budget. When I say that word how does it make you feel? Freaked out? Overwhelmed? Excited? Restricted?  I am going to guess that over time you have heard many people talk about how important it is to have a budget. It’s important to know what you are spending your money on and to make sure that you aren’t spending more than you are making! However, the actual art of making a budget can be monstrously confusing. How do you make sure you cover all your expenses? How do I know how much I’m actually spending? Where do I even start getting all the information on my expenses?

Know that you aren’t alone in your confusion. I have had a budget that I ‘follow’ (I say that loosely as I’m not always good about sticking to my numbers, cause a good sale price always gets me) for over 15 years...

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