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Simple Gift Ideas for the Last Minute

I love to give gifts, but our budget doesn’t allow for grand gifts for simple occasions like mother’s day and father’s day.  So I spend my nights browsing Pinterest finding fun ideas to craft and create with my children only to have life happen which leads to a last minute scramble! Over the years I’ve found some simple, but thoughtful gifts to give to Grandparents and Daddy – all of which are easy to adapt for any occasion. Hopefully you can find a simple gift idea here for your last minute (or well planned ahead) gift giving!

Handprint gifts are my favorite because my kids are little now and I want to remember these days when they aren’t all a blur in the future. And let’s be honest, little hands and feet are adorable!

I sometimes attempt to dip the kids hands/feet in paint, but if y...

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Canning 101: step-by-step guide to peaches

canning peachesSummer is winding down where we live which means it’s harvest season. I love all the produce that we can purchase from the farmers market or pick from our own garden, but putting it all away for winter can be very overwhelming! I have been very blessed to learn how to freeze and can from my mom and grandma, but I know others aren’t so lucky. I am not an expert, but would love to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way in my adventures to help you be successful too!

We’re going to start with an ‘easy’ one today – a step-by-step guide to canning peaches. I plan to share my spaghetti sauce recipe soon and freezing veggies is so easy…I’ll share my method for that sometime too. The first step to any adventure – canning or otherwise – is to make a plan...

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Homemade Cloud Dough – one mom’s honest review

coverI am a Pinterest junkie, but usually just pin ideas without actually making them – the reality of life with small children. I’ve seen lots of posts about making homemade cloud dough or moon sand, which seemed pretty easy, so I picked up the supplies to make it happen – like 6 months ago. I’m not a messy person by nature (I can’t stand having my hands dirty) and usually don’t encourage messy play for my toddlers – but there is a time and place for sensory fun! I finally got the gumption to make the cloud dough last week while we were camping. Guess what? We all survived – it’s totally cheap to make as you only need flour and baby oil and provided a full day of fun for my kids and their cousins!

homemade cloud dough recipe

I looked up a few blogs to make sure I had the recipe right – it is 8 cups of flour to 1 cu...

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