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Simple Gift Ideas for the Last Minute

I love to give gifts, but our budget doesn’t allow for grand gifts for simple occasions like mother’s day and father’s day.  So I spend my nights browsing Pinterest finding fun ideas to craft and create with my children only to have life happen which leads to a last minute scramble! Over the years I’ve found some simple, but thoughtful gifts to give to Grandparents and Daddy – all of which are easy to adapt for any occasion. Hopefully you can find a simple gift idea here for your last minute (or well planned ahead) gift giving!

Handprint gifts are my favorite because my kids are little now and I want to remember these days when they aren’t all a blur in the future. And let’s be honest, little hands and feet are adorable!

I sometimes attempt to dip the kids hands/feet in paint, but if y...

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Making a Special Birthday Celebration SIMPLE

making a simple special celebration

Every child wants to think the world revolves around them and I love using their birthday as a way to make that happen. Despite what Pinterest may show you, you can have special AND keep it SIMPLE! Growing up my family never went over the top on our birthday, but I always felt like it was a special celebration of me. As a child my husband was always served breakfast in bed on the ‘birthday tray’. His mom still has a special birthday chair that the grandkids get to sit in when they open presents at our monthly joint family birthday celebrations. For my kid’s first birthday we celebrated with both sides of the family complete with lots of presents and decorations, but I can’t keep up that kind of party going forward as I don’t have the money or the gumption to do a big party every year...

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Cherish the Simple Things


Cherish the Simple thingsToday has been a day filled with screaming, whining, hitting, and never ending lessons on sharing so I feel like I’m at my whits end! Caring for children isn’t for the faint of heart and the number of things I never expected to have to teach my children grows daily, but the moments of peace and understanding are bright spots in the journey. “Cherish the Simple Things.” I have this saying in the window behind my sink, which is a great reminder to remember that I need to cherish something at every stage, especially the small moments that may be overlooked through the chaos.



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Mega List of Baby Items You Need

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Mega Baby ListI’m not truly a hoarder, but when it comes to things for my kids I may go a little overboard (or a lot overboard if you ask my husband). Our budget has always been tight, so as we had family and friends getting rid of items when they were done having kids I started to stock pile some things for our future family. We had plenty of just about everything for both of our first two children to the point of major excess. Now, as we look forward to welcoming our third child in the next few months I’ve started to weed through all the baby ‘stuff’ to determine what we really need and what I can get rid of! It’s time for momma to take back some control and get all this baby chaos organized...

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Child-led Potty Training

Get Potty Trained

I’ve never considered myself a super laid-back mom. I enjoy being in control, by nature, and running my family is no exception. However, kids can’t be controlled…they have a mind of their own and certainly mine have come with a stubborn streak (must be from their dad!). In order to cope, I try to live with the mantra ‘choose your battles’. I just can’t make everything a big deal so it always goes my way and emotionally survive the drama! Potty training, for me, is one of the things I choose to not make a battle. My husband, on the other hand, has thought our daughter should have been trained a long time ago, which has led to more than one disagreement and fit of tears...

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Post 6 coverPlease tell me I’m not the only one who has toddlers that struggle with sitting still and being quiet when out in public. We prefer to do activities with our whole family and sometimes those activities aren’t exactly “kid-friendly” so they get bored quickly and then it never fails that they decide to be extra noisy at the wrong time! We discovered that bringing along what we call the quiet bag (essentially a portable ‘busy bag’ that encourages quiet, independent play), full of an assortment of activities, has helped us survive our endless doctor’s visits, meetings, church services, hockey games, and a variety of other random situations where we needed our kids to be quiet. Plus we have the bonus of them learning to be polite in more ‘adult’ situations, which is so valuable...

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