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Living Clutter-Free with Kids in the House

I would consider myself a fairly organized person and yet still find myself somewhat overwhelmed by the condition of my home with three young children home almost all the time. As a stay-at-home mom I don’t have time to remotely keep up with the chaos and can’t even wrap my brain around the extra time challenge that moms who work outside the home face – regardless of how old their kids are! I often find myself wandering aimlessly through the house knowing that I should be doing something and yet paralyzed about where to start because, let’s be honest, when you have kids in your house you don’t ever really get to complete a task all at one time.

A while back I read the book Living Clutter-Free with Kids in the house by Mike Burns...

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Organizing Important Paperwork Before Doing Your Taxes

It’s that time of year again that I always dread – tax time. We usually get money back so I shouldn’t dread it, but it requires gathering so much paperwork and since sorting papers isn’t my favorite activity I never look forward to it. I have a filing system that works great, when I actually use it. It’s nothing fancy, but works for us and makes gathering the papers no big deal once they’ve been filed.

I use a two drawer filing cabinet to store all of our important papers, but a file box would work too. I have folders for a variety of different categories labeled in one of the drawers (I don’t keep them in alphabetical order, but it would make it faster to find things later)! Over the years I have found that having these folders keeping me organized makes life so much easier ...

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Couponing 101 for Beginners

Using coupons is a great way to save money, but learning all the rules and lingo can be VERY confusing! I recently sat down with some friends who were totally new to couponing – they were starting with just the knowledge that coupons come from the paper! We worked through the very basics of coupons and how to best maximize your savings when you start out using this information (I also included some of the acronyms so you can better understand the other coupon blogs you read). They left feeling empowered to purchase their first paper and get started on their coupon adventure. Happy Saving!

(Personal note: Our family mostly shops at Meijer stores, which have the MPerks progam, but the coupon basics apply even if you don’t shop there.)

Before you begin there are two important rules to remembe...

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Simple Daily Clean-Up

Waking up to a messy house always stresses me out and starts me out in a grumpy mood as I rush to get ready for the day PLUS clean up the chaos from the day before. I’ve developed a simple routine that I try to do each night before bed so I can start the next day with a clean slate, er, house. It’s not rocket science – even the simple things make a huge difference!

Simple daily clean up

  1. Get and sort mail: Getting the mail daily is usually pretty easy, but it’s just as easy to toss it on the counter and leave it there. I’ve found that the 2 minutes it takes to sort out the junk is worth the effort. I toss the junk, open the time sensitive pieces for a quick read, then place the ones I need to address in my box-o-fun that holds all the bills/receipts/etc. I need to deal with later.
  2. Pick up dirty clo...
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Get the House Ready for Company in 15 Minutes

clean in 15 minutesI had company over this week – it’s nothing formal and they won’t judge me by the cleanliness of my house, but I always like to have my place look tidy! But between the two whirlwinds toddlers who make messes faster than I can clean them up, a husband who sleeps during the day so I can’t be loud, and having extra appointments, my time for cleaning up got very short. I’ve found that even with a short amount of time I can be productive and have a seemingly tidy house (as long as you don’t look too closely!). Here are the areas I am always sure to tackle…

  1. Clean the Bathroom.

I don’t mean CLEAN the bathroom, but I always make sure I spend 5 minutes in there. Priorities for me are washing down counters and sink. Wiping mirrors...

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4 Tips to Get out of the House on Time

Tips to get out of the house on timeIt was one of those mornings, again. We needed to be somewhere by 9:30am and because my girls usually sleep until after 8am we were totally pressed for time and my husband was already gone for the day. So I was stuck getting myself and both girls fed, dressed, our lunch packed and in the car in record time. Enter “monster mom” as I’ve dubbed her. The mom who only yells and rushes around being annoyed that breakfast is taking longer than normal, the girls would rather play than brush their teeth, and so help me if the toddler takes one more minute to decide which shoes she wants to wear today! So between eating, getting ready, and packing the diaper bag, snacks, and lunch I might as well have just cancelled our plans and stayed home for the day...

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