Homemade Cloud Dough – one mom’s honest review

coverI am a Pinterest junkie, but usually just pin ideas without actually making them – the reality of life with small children. I’ve seen lots of posts about making homemade cloud dough or moon sand, which seemed pretty easy, so I picked up the supplies to make it happen – like 6 months ago. I’m not a messy person by nature (I can’t stand having my hands dirty) and usually don’t encourage messy play for my toddlers – but there is a time and place for sensory fun! I finally got the gumption to make the cloud dough last week while we were camping. Guess what? We all survived – it’s totally cheap to make as you only need flour and baby oil and provided a full day of fun for my kids and their cousins!

homemade cloud dough recipe

I looked up a few blogs to make sure I had the recipe right – it is 8 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil (some use veggie oil) and just mix well until lumpy. I wanted to make sure there was enough for the kids to share so mixed up a double batch – this part was pretty easy.

cloud dough mix

The blogs I read talked about kids being able to make bricks and form shapes, but our dough apparently was faulty. It took a grown-up’s strength to squish the dough to make a small ball so we just added the rest of the baby oil jar to the bag of flour hoping that would help. Didn’t really make a huge difference, but the beauty of children is that they don’t know what it’s ‘supposed’ to be like and just had a blast with the ‘white sand’.

add oil


Spring ahead several hours and the kids are STILL playing with this crazy stuff. Their clothes are covered in oily flour, the toddler’s hair is greasy, chairs needed a good scrub and we’ve washed hands a million times when they take a break – but are having a riot!

playtime with cloud dough

I was excited to discover that the longer they played with the cloud dough, the more easily they were able to form it into shapes…they were able to make stack-able ‘snow balls’ by mid-afternoon! And they continued to play, and play, and play. There was flour dough all over the yard and less to play with so it was good that I made a double batch, because I didn’t need to worry about telling them to keep it in the bin (cause let’s be honest, what 2 year old actually does that anyway!)



Fast forward to the next morning – I ended up just dumping the tiny bit of cloud dough that was actually left by the end of the day when I was cleaning up toys at bed time – the first thing the kids asked for was to play with that cloud dough! Well, mommy fail for getting rid of it, but the next time I’m willing to tolerate the mess. I’ll be making this again because it really is cheap and easy. Disclaimer – this is a picture of what the cement looked like after it was washed off so be careful what surface you play on…I’d recommend protecting tables in some way!



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2 comments to Homemade Cloud Dough – one mom’s honest review

  • Dani  says:

    Fun. Did their clothes get greasy too? I think we will have to try it 🙂

  • Nakisha  says:

    Clothes were mostly just covered in flour and washed up great!

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