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adult coloring coverIt has been a very busy month at our house: between crazy work hours, illness, out-of-town guests visiting, and I’m sure a million other things I’ve promptly forgotten, this mamma has been a little bit worn out lately. I often find myself taking the few minutes of quiet I have to finish up chores around the house. But I know for the sake of my family I need to take time for ME too. Because I’m a mom of young kids and am always totally exhausted I haven’t found as much joy in some of the things I used to do – like reading or sewing — so I’ve been exploring new ways to stay creative and not just mindlessly waste my time on social media and have re-discovered that I like to color!

Have you tried the new craze of adult coloring books? I’ve tried a couple different options and have found that I enjoy some more than others, but it’s a good outlet for me that doesn’t require so much brain power. Here are some tips I’ll share if you haven’t tried this for yourself yet:

writing items

*You can use markers, colored pencils or crayons– just make sure you have plenty of color choices. I have found it’s less about which coloring item you use and more about giving yourself plenty of color variations so you don’t need to worry about repeating too many close together (if that matters to you).


*Don’t stress so much about making patterns and having it ‘exactly’ right. It’s just a coloring page and if you really don’t like how it turns out you can throw it away…no one is grading you! As you do more pages you’ll find a system that works for you and it might be starting at the bottom of or jumping all over the page. Go wild and have fun.

*White is your friend. At first I felt like I needed to fill in every space possible, but have found that the picture often looks better if you leave a bit of white! You also don’t need to get caught up in using all the colors. Sometimes a picture looks great with just variations of lighter and darker of the same color.

*Some books have very intricate pictures. I’ve found that it’s been better for me to start with pictures that can be finished quickly, without as much pressure to fill a ton of tiny spaces. I’m looking forward to tackling some of the more ‘intense’ ones soon.

If you’ve enjoyed coloring as an adult what tips or tricks would you share?

There is no right or wrong with coloring so I encourage you to just give it a try – find a subject matter that interests you, grab a book and just start coloring. You can purchase these coloring books almost everywhere, but I wanted to share a couple unique ones I think are pretty awesome:

Michaels Stores carry a ton of options. The one that has caught my eye most recently is the Harry Potter coloring book, which is perfect timing for me since I just finished re-watching all the movies and have been a bit obsessed lately.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

I have an artist friend from Zimbabwe who just sent me copies of her African coloring books. I LOVE the pictures and you can download the pages from her website if you’d like to try them yourself – they are more intricate and so well done!

mandy books






If you are looking for some coloring books that provide inspiration or have a message there are also tons of options.

I saw this one and love that it also has fun book marks and gift tags:

This one has scripture, which could be great to display around your house once they are colored:

Just stumbled on this one that offers a unique ‘stained glass’ feature once pages are colored.

Self-care as a mom is so necessary and even if you don’t get into the adult coloring craze I hope you can find SOMETHING that isn’t household-duty related to do once in a while. I’d love to hear what you do to help re-charge your batteries so please share in the comments!

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