Homemade Cloud Dough – one mom’s honest review

coverI am a Pinterest junkie, but usually just pin ideas without actually making them – the reality of life with small children. I’ve seen lots of posts about making homemade cloud dough or moon sand, which seemed pretty easy, so I picked up the supplies to make it happen – like 6 months ago. I’m not a messy person by nature (I can’t stand having my hands dirty) and usually don’t encourage messy play for my toddlers – but there is a time and place for sensory fun! I finally got the gumption to make the cloud dough last week while we were camping. Guess what? We all survived – it’s totally cheap to make as you only need flour and baby oil and provided a full day of fun for my kids and their cousins!

homemade cloud dough recipe

I looked up a few blogs to make sure I had the recipe right – it is 8 cups of flour to 1 cu...

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Cherish the Simple Things


Cherish the Simple thingsToday has been a day filled with screaming, whining, hitting, and never ending lessons on sharing so I feel like I’m at my whits end! Caring for children isn’t for the faint of heart and the number of things I never expected to have to teach my children grows daily, but the moments of peace and understanding are bright spots in the journey. “Cherish the Simple Things.” I have this saying in the window behind my sink, which is a great reminder to remember that I need to cherish something at every stage, especially the small moments that may be overlooked through the chaos.



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Mega List of Baby Items You Need

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Mega Baby ListI’m not truly a hoarder, but when it comes to things for my kids I may go a little overboard (or a lot overboard if you ask my husband). Our budget has always been tight, so as we had family and friends getting rid of items when they were done having kids I started to stock pile some things for our future family. We had plenty of just about everything for both of our first two children to the point of major excess. Now, as we look forward to welcoming our third child in the next few months I’ve started to weed through all the baby ‘stuff’ to determine what we really need and what I can get rid of! It’s time for momma to take back some control and get all this baby chaos organized...

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Simple Daily Clean-Up

Waking up to a messy house always stresses me out and starts me out in a grumpy mood as I rush to get ready for the day PLUS clean up the chaos from the day before. I’ve developed a simple routine that I try to do each night before bed so I can start the next day with a clean slate, er, house. It’s not rocket science – even the simple things make a huge difference!

Simple daily clean up

  1. Get and sort mail: Getting the mail daily is usually pretty easy, but it’s just as easy to toss it on the counter and leave it there. I’ve found that the 2 minutes it takes to sort out the junk is worth the effort. I toss the junk, open the time sensitive pieces for a quick read, then place the ones I need to address in my box-o-fun that holds all the bills/receipts/etc. I need to deal with later.
  2. Pick up dirty clo...
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Traveling Screen Free (or close to it)!

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screen free cover

I am not naturally wired to enjoy video games, quite frankly I’m terrible at them so I’m sure that doesn’t help. On the flip slide, my husband loves to play games and watch movies, but thankfully he supports my desire to keep our kid’s consumption of media minimal – especially when we travel in the car! Don’t get me wrong, we watch plenty of television at home and as my daughter has gotten older she enjoys games on daddy’s phone and playing games with Scout. However, when we are in the car I want the kids to look out the window and see the world. One of my favorite memories to date is the day we switched her car seat to be forward facing and she saw the giant building in the large city we drove through –...

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Child-led Potty Training

Get Potty Trained

I’ve never considered myself a super laid-back mom. I enjoy being in control, by nature, and running my family is no exception. However, kids can’t be controlled…they have a mind of their own and certainly mine have come with a stubborn streak (must be from their dad!). In order to cope, I try to live with the mantra ‘choose your battles’. I just can’t make everything a big deal so it always goes my way and emotionally survive the drama! Potty training, for me, is one of the things I choose to not make a battle. My husband, on the other hand, has thought our daughter should have been trained a long time ago, which has led to more than one disagreement and fit of tears...

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It’s time for a parade!

being prepared for a paradeTaking kids to parades and local festivals is something I look forward to. Small towns in our area have lots of events for us to check out so we often are out and about with the crowds. However, I feel like since I’ve had children my ability to be prepared for large events, like parades, has gone out the window. I attempted a parade with my children several years ago and while I think the children had fun, it sure was stressful for me as mom. So when the invitation came this year to watch my nephew march for the first time I wanted to handle things differently so we could all have fun! Here are some things I’ve learned the hard way that you may want to consider before you hit the next parade or large scale event near your area.

Bring something to sit on

when I went to the parade unprep...

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Becoming an Organized Shopper

Becoming an Organized ShopperShopping is a necessary part of life, which we sometimes enjoy and sometimes dread. We all need food and clothing, as well as those random things necessary to keep our house and yard fixed up. I’m totally the kind of person that when I see something I think our family “needs”, I just want to get it now...

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This is NOT what I had in Mind for Motherhood

motherhood journeyI dove into motherhood with my eyes wide open, full of expectation and dreams for what having a family would be like. As a child my family did so many wonderful things together and as I grew the adventures I had with my friends were amazing too, so I have learned that I love making memories with people (and capturing them in pictures, but that’s another post). When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted so badly to start making memories with her right away. I wanted to jump right in to traveling together and taking her to ‘see’ all sorts of new places as soon as possible. I spent the first year of her life including her in all our activities and trying to squeeze in as many new ‘first’ experiences as possible.

Over time reality hit me like a rock in the face. I discovered ho...

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Necessary Mom Time: adult coloring

adult coloring coverIt has been a very busy month at our house: between crazy work hours, illness, out-of-town guests visiting, and I’m sure a million other things I’ve promptly forgotten, this mamma has been a little bit worn out lately. I often find myself taking the few minutes of quiet I have to finish up chores around the house. But I know for the sake of my family I need to take time for ME too. Because I’m a mom of young kids and am always totally exhausted I haven’t found as much joy in some of the things I used to do – like reading or sewing — so I’ve been exploring new ways to stay creative and not just mindlessly waste my time on social media and have re-discovered that I like to color!

Have you tried the new craze of adult coloring books? I’ve tried a couple different options and have ...

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