Simple Gift Ideas for the Last Minute

I love to give gifts, but our budget doesn’t allow for grand gifts for simple occasions like mother’s day and father’s day.  So I spend my nights browsing Pinterest finding fun ideas to craft and create with my children only to have life happen which leads to a last minute scramble! Over the years I’ve found some simple, but thoughtful gifts to give to Grandparents and Daddy – all of which are easy to adapt for any occasion. Hopefully you can find a simple gift idea here for your last minute (or well planned ahead) gift giving!


Handprint gifts are my favorite because my kids are little now and I want to remember these days when they aren’t all a blur in the future. And let’s be honest, little hands and feet are adorable!

I sometimes attempt to dip the kids hands/feet in paint, but if you have young kids only recommend it if you are feeling brave (or have another adult to help). Be sure to have your paper out and ready, planning to make a couple prints as it can take a couple tries to get a full  print. I use a paint brush to spread the paint onto their hand and then help my kids press down their hand carefully on the page. By making sure I’m involved means I can take them right over to the sink and wash off before we have paint everywhere. Have no fear, if you aren’t up to paint a traced hand is still very cute and thoughtful (it’s cleaner too).



This handprint was super easy to make – I folded a piece of paper in half, traced the hand and then cut out both sides. Make sure you don’t cut on the fold so that when you open it up it looks like a heart in the middle!

Let’s be honest, sometimes even tracing kids hands is too much to handle in the midst of the chaos of life. I also have some lovely ideas that don’t require your kids’ participation – perfect for throwing together late at night once they are in bed!



One year I planned way ahead (like a couple days) so had time for the kids to make a card. I’ve seen the idea using puzzle pieces and picture frames, but we just used ripped pieces of paper on a folded card. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but we followed this idea. 

For my husband’s first father’s day I got creative with the baby. I just printed some signs on paper snapped a few pictures! It was super easy and I loved having it out as decoration for many years! 

Mother’s day is less than two days away so stay tuned for this year’s fun. I’m still getting around to creating something 🙂




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  • Michelle Boeve Ling  says:

    I especially love the part where you say you planned way ahead! lol. I think way ahead and then last minute shop. Can be a bit stressful!!

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