Spring cleaning

spring cleaning checklistI love living in an area that experiences a change in seasons. It so nice when spring starts to bring warmer weather, the sound of birds and frogs, more sunshine, and my flowers start popping up in the gardens! However, along with the beauty of spring comes the reminder of some things I maybe have neglected a bit throughout the winter. Things like the pile of tools and boxes in the garage because it was too cold to take care of them properly. And the dust that suddenly shows when the sun shines on my shelf reminding me it’s been a few dusting sessions since I removed everything to clean under all the items. Or the water spots on all the windows that are blocking my view.

Spring also brings a lot more visitors to our home, and while my friends don’t judge me by my dusting ability, I like to have a clean house for gatherings! In order to help me be organized in my spring cleaning adventure, I’ve made a list the last couple of years to help me remember all the things I’d like to try and accomplish. I will post my list (actually a neater version of my list) at the end of this post in case you’d like to also use it for spring cleaning this year.

Before I share my list, however, I wanted to share the most important thing I’ve learned along the way:

Don’t try to tackle the whole list in one day! 

As with every project it’s very important to make sure you break the job of cleaning into manageable pieces. For me this is either taking one room at a time and doing everything on the Break large job into small pieceslist OR taking one task at a time (like washing windows) and doing that task in every room at the same time. My choice depends on how much time I have and realistically how motivated I am to do one particular thing that day. Sometimes the vacuuming just needs to be done and I’ll roll through the house moving everything along the way! You have to be realistic about what you are able to do because, in my opinion, one of the keys to being organized is fully completing a task once you start it. You may have to take a break, which is totally ok, but being able to cross something off your list because it is done (AND you’ve cleaned up the items used to do it) is an accomplishment to celebrate. And seriously, don’t be afraid to make this a family activity – kids and husbands can help with many of the items on the list.

So as we celebrate the jump into spring here is my spring cleaning checklist – it’s totally free to download and print so feel free to share with your friends, Pin it and share it on Facebook. What items did I miss that you would add? Are there areas of your house that always seem to gather the most clutter and dirt through the winter? Shout out an answer to these questions in the comments. Please also let me know when you’ve completed a task….I love celebrating victories!

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Spring cleaning checklist



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3 comments to Spring cleaning

  • Dani  says:

    It’s a good time to review expiration dates on medications too and throw out any expired stuff.
    My tip-use the Norwex dusting mitt wet to quickly clean screens. 🙂

    • Nakisha  says:

      Great idea on checking the medications – I never set a specific time to do that so that would be one to add to the list!

  • Julie  says:

    I just did bathrooms and expired meds today! Getting excited to do screens with norwex! One thing I’m trying is to scrape dust off top of kitchen cabinets with old credit card. ( I will spray first).

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